About Frederick J. Pellum III


       It’s Divine…”Know Thy Self”


“I am interested in the social, even the propagandistic angle of painting”. . .
“Paint is the only weapon I have with which to fight what I resent. If I could
write, I would write about it. If I could talk, I would talk about it. Since I paint, I paint
about it”. – Charles White

Frederick J. Pellum III’s body of work accentuates strength, beauty, creativity, resilience and texture within people of African descent. Being in the communications arena, he’s fully aware of the tactics used through the media and other outlets that oftentimes portrays people of African descent and minorities in a manner that leaves viewers with a distorted or skewed perception of them and their culture. In return these inaccuracies and negative propaganda further promotes the idea that they are society’s’ most undesirable.

His work combats these negative images and stereotypes by highlighting the positive elements of his race, which he expresses through a variety of mediums. Even though he enjoys documenting or illustrating events and or individuals, his primary goal as an artist is to focus on those individuals or events largely unknown to the masses that aspire to bring about positive change in their communities.

He often quotes, “If you’re not thinking right, you’re not going to act right because all your actions will be predicated off wrong thoughts”. He believes that many of the negative actions within his culture stem from improper thinking. Which can range from lack of self identity (knowing thy self),  lack of proper and effective education,  lack of self-esteem and respect for one’s self or others,  etc… He also subscribes to many of the principles of Dr. Joy DeGruy’s PTSS or (Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome) within the culture.

Therefore he firmly aims to change the minds of people of African descent and how they perceive themselves and their culture through imagery. He attests, “if one constantly see themselves and their culture in a positive manner, eventually they will think about themselves and their culture in a positive manner. If they think about themselves and their culture in a positive manner, eventually positivity will be reflected in their actions toward themselves and their culture. If they are positive toward themselves and their culture, eventually this will be reflected within their communities and society at large”.

Frederick is from Atlanta Ga, he received his B.A. degree from Fort Valley State University and an M.F.A. from the University of Miami. He has experience within the commercial arena and academia respectively. He has over 13 years of commercial experience in which he had /has an assortment of titles that ranges from Art Director, Lead Designer, Marketing Assistant, Graphic Designer, etc… He has taught in academia for over 8 years. He’s had appointments at the University of Miami, Elizabeth City State University, Clayton State University, and Westwood College. He is currently an Associate Professor of Digital Media at Alabama State University.

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